About South London Church Reviews

By visiting different churches of different denominations around south London and writing reviews of each, I aim to produce a comprehensive collection of information for those interested in attending church in south London or in moving to a different one. Reviews will include information on the way in which the church’s service is conducted, the appearance of the building and layout of any decoration inside, the size of the congregation and its make-up in terms of age, ethnicity and gender, and other information people wanting to find out about that church may find interesting.

I am a practicing Christian, and to allow me to still attend my own church most weeks, these reviews will only be about once a month or so. I will do my utmost to be objective and unbiased when reviewing churches which aren’t (or are) of my denomination – honest! I have begun by reviewing churches of each main Christian denomination so as to gain a good impression of the differences between and within the denominations. Between May 2013 and September 2014 I visited four Anglican, Methodist, Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Baptist churches, and two Oriental churches (being the only two in south London I could find service times for). I will now be reviewing churches in a more random pattern, attempting to achieve a good balance between denominations and localities in South London (which I’m defining for the purposes of these reviews as Greater London south of the Thames).

While I hope in each review to give an accurate reflection of what each church is like, the posts I make can never be anything more than the ultimately subjective impressions that I personally received on a particular Sunday. Any offence I may happen to cause by reporting things as I experienced and remembered them is unintentional and regretted, and I welcome and invite corrections, explanations, et cetera, in the comments section on each review.

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